I want to believe I’ll be blogging. Every few years I resurrect this site. It used to be the site of of my independent consultancy… when I was one of those. But now its my development blog where I will regale readers (both of them…) with tales of my interests, research and side projects.

I want to believe I’ll be blogging. Again… every few years I resurrect this site, thinking I’ll be blogging. But I never do. Maybe this time I will. I want to believe.

Perhaps in the dim, misty future there will be some software or service offered for sale or gratis here as well.

This site is a static website generated by jekyll using a responsive theme. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it on your device or if you notice any problems with it. I’m not 100% done with it. I probably never will be. But I’ll be tweaking things like the disqus comments and reactions and the general look and feel for a while yet.

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