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What is McCuneWare?

McCune Software, aka McCuneWare, is a software development and technology consultancy owned and operated by myself, Sean McCune. I have 25 years of experience in software development and engineering in a variety of fields including healthcare automation, medical devices, telecommunications and industrial automation. Whether your project involves desktop, mobile, server or embedded application development, I can provide assistance in all phases of development: requirements, design, implementation, testing and deployment.

McCuneWare is located in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and is available to help with your Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android and embedded development projects. Whether you just need another developer to augment an existing project team or need a lead developer to architect and oversee development or simply want someone to develop the entire project for you, I have the proven knowledge, experience and ability to learn and adapt to new industries and problem domains to get the job done. I also have the flexibility to work anywhere, whether that’s mostly on your site or completely offsite at my own office, in order to best accommodate your project’s needs. I have experience in working with geographically scattered development and management teams and virtual businesses utilizing the latest online tools and technologies.

Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad & Android

I was involved in the design and implementation of an iOS app for a fitness startup that cyclists use on both indoor and outdoor rides to track their ride and fitness progress by wirelessly recording sensor data from heart rate monitors, speed, cadence and power sensors, and utilizing the built-in GPS hardware of iPhones and iPads. This data is both displayed to the user in real-time to track their progress on rides as well as stored for later transfer to a web application used to monitor progress and plan further workouts.

Currently, I am developing Mac software for use with broadband internet access devices to handle connection management and analytics. These applications are deployed by wireless carriers to allow end users to manage their connections, provide messaging functionality and provide quality of service data to improve signal quality and reliability.

I am also currently in the process of developing a number of my own products for the iOS mobile operating system on iPhones and iPads and for the Android mobile operating system for some consumer medical devices. I am also available for your mobile or web application development projects utilizing these and other mobile and desktop systems. These mobile devices hold great promise for streamlining medical practices, inventory control and warehouse operations and many other vertical markets.

Medical Devices & Workflow Applications

Microsurgical Device For Vitrectomies

I have architected and implemented an embedded, touch-screen based user interface for controlling a micro-surgical device for performing vitrectomies (eye surgeries involving the removal of vitreous humor). The interface controlled the cutting rates, various pressures, illumination and video camera of microsurgical instruments inserted into the eye for anterior, posterior or combined vitrectomies.

Radiopharmaceutical Infusion System For PET Scans

I helped design and develop an embedded, touch-screen based user interface for monitoring and control of a radiopharmaceutical infusion system for PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography). The system monitors the fluid delivery and allows the controlled infusion of precise amounts of radiopharmaceuticals by radioactivity and saline by volume to be delivered to patients.

Hospital Pharmacy Workflow System

I helped design and develop a hospital pharmacy work-flow system that allowed pharmacy techs to review prescriptions on a first-in, first-out basis with prioritization for stat orders, annotation and approval capability, interfacing to existing hospital pharmacy systems for drug interaction checks, etc. The work-flow system also stores, retrieves and can report all prescription information in a manner that exceeds current JCAHO standards (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). I was involved in the deployment of these systems as well.

Inventory Control & Dispensing

I designed and developed a narcotics and medical supply inventory control and dispensing system for hospital nursing stations, operating and emergency rooms.

The system dispenses medication by patient and med order (prescription) and on an as-needed basis to authorized users. The system also dispenses kits of meds and supplies for operating room and emergency room use. The system interfaces with all relevant hospital systems: ADT (admissions, discharge & transfer), billing, pharmacy systems (for prescription and drug interaction checks), etc. The system eliminates errors, cuts down on waste due to expiration, streamlines medication administration and helps uncover pilfering. I was also involved in the deployment of these systems and I am the inventor of two patents pertaining to this product line.

Industrial Automation & Telecommunications

I helped design and develop an operation support system for management and in-place, automated testing of telco switches, DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers) and other telecommunications equipment.

I designed control algorithms and implemented the software for gauge, tension and speed control of max-torque reel drive systems (payoff and tension) for thyristor-controlled AC and DC drives on cold mills. I was also involved in the deployment of these control systems at many locations.

I designed and developed a drive control development environment that would allow control engineers to graphically draw control systems in standard schematic notation on a CAD system, then automatically generate source code that implements that control system for given drive hardware and then build the complete executable from that source code. The system would also handle the communication with the drive hardware to download the built control application and handle provisioning, tuning and monitoring of the running control system. I was also involved in the deployment of these systems at several locations.


The following is a list of technologies in which I have extensive experience. This list is not exhaustive, merely the most common. I am constantly learning and adding more to my repertoire.

Operating Systems

Windows (all including XP Embedded), Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Linux, Unix, embedded systems with no operating system

UI Frameworks and Libraries

.Net, Cocoa, GTK/Gnome, Mono


Oracle, mysql, postgresql, sqlite


C#, Objective-C, C++, C, Ruby, Javascript, Java, Lisp, Perl, SQL, Lua


HTML/CSS, Rails, Sinatra, cappuccino, nodejs, JSON, XML, Object-Oriented Development, Client/Server, REST