In the sidebar you can see a panel titled “Toots by @mccuneware”. I’ve set myself up a mastodon instance. Mastodon is a federated social netork. Its a lot like twitter, except instead of a walled garden owned by one company, multiple server instances can be run by multiple owners, all exchanging traffic. This means nobody can kick you off of your mastodon server in the way that twitter can suspend or delete your account if you don’t think right-thoughts. Sure, any given server can decide to not exchange data with yours, but your server is still serving your content. Content which are messages called toots instead of tweets.

My mastodon instance is over at geekstream, but you need a mastodon account. I’m if you want to follow me. Or you can just read my toots here in the sidebar or on the toots page.


I want to believe I’ll be blogging. Every few years I resurrect this site. It used to be the site of of my independent consultancy… when I was one of those. But now its my development blog where I will regale readers (both of them…) with tales of my interests, research and side projects.

I want to believe I’ll be blogging. Again… every few years I resurrect this site, thinking I’ll be blogging. But I never do. Maybe this time I will. I want to believe.

Perhaps in the dim, misty future there will be some software or service offered for sale or gratis here as well.

This site is a static website generated by jekyll using a responsive theme. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it on your device or if you notice any problems with it. I’m not 100% done with it. I probably never will be. But I’ll be tweaking things like the disqus comments and reactions and the general look and feel for a while yet.

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