So I set up a server purely for rebuilding this blog, which built using jekyll.
It will allow posts or pages, meant to be drafts or published, to merely be
dumped into the git repo and some hooks will fire up the build process on the
server and deploy the results.

Also, I can ssh in to the server and build manually if I desired, from an iPhone,
say, or an iPad. I’m still waiting for the day I can build everything on the
iPhone or iPad. Possibly iSH will allow that. I’ll have to give it a try.

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Back to blogging… Finally! I got this site set back up. It used to be the
site of of my independent consultancy, when I was an independent consultant.
But now its my development blog where I will regale readers (both of them…
they’re all I can afford to pay) with tales of my interests, research and
side projects. Perhaps in the dim, misty future there will be some software or
service offered for sale or gratis here as well.

This site is a static website generated by jekyll using a responsive theme.
Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it on your device or if you
notice any problems with it.

Next week, January 7th-12th 2019, I will be attending the CodeMash conference
in the place to be in early January… Sandusky, Ohio. If you’re going to be
there and want to meet up, let me know via messaging me on the CodeMash app or
tweeting me at @mccuneware.

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